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DBTools Manager - Web version? (3077 previews)
DBTools Manager - Web version? Posted in 15th, 08/2006 05:07 by jstone
Is there any plans to create a browser based version of the DBTools Manager Pro software? I only ask as my company is restricting our desktop software, but browser based products e.g. PhpMyAdmin are allowed (though I find this tool much less user friendly than your Manager Pro software.)

jstone@house105.freeserve.co.uk /
Re: DBTools Manager - Web version? Posted in 15th, 08/2006 05:36 by support

Although DBManager is a Windows application it can access your database in your webserver using the MySQL Webservices which is also distributed with the setup.
Now if you can only install web pages and scripts to access through your browser you will find hard time to find an application that does everything that DBManager can do, specially concerning importing/exporting data, using the Diagram and Query Designers, just to mention a few.

Hope that helps,

Support / DBTools Software
RE: DBTools Manager - Web version? Posted in 20th, 03/2014 04:54 by greg197056
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RE: DBTools Manager - Web version? Posted in 29th, 04/2014 12:47 by greg197056
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RE: DBTools Manager - Web version? Posted in 26th, 03/2015 09:27 by reignsr941
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RE: DBTools Manager - Web version? Posted in 12th, 05/2015 04:33 by llolfifacoins
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RE: DBTools Manager - Web version? Posted in 02th, 06/2015 03:46 by llolfifacoins
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RE: DBTools Manager - Web version? Posted in 25th, 01/2019 02:41 by thutrangctp
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DBTools Manager - Web version? (3077 previews)

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