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Underscore/Underline in import (1255 previews)
Underscore/Underline in import Posted in 08th, 12/2005 03:35 by misleb
Is it possible to override DBManager's default behavior of replacing spaces with _ in field and table names when importing from DAO into MySQL? I know MySQL technically doesn't like spaces, but I know it will support them. I have an existing MS Access application that already knows the tables and fields with the spaces and it would be a lot of work to go back and change all of the queries to use underscores.

Re: Underscore/Underline in import Posted in 09th, 12/2005 09:54 by support

This is not possible. We may try to implement a switch to turn this ON/OFF for the next version but it would be ON by default. See also that it is advisable to rename the fields and remove the spaces. That way your application could be ported to other database engines with less effort.

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Underscore/Underline in import (1255 previews)

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