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Oracle 9i connection issues (1371 previews)
Oracle 9i connection issues Posted in 24th, 10/2005 11:55 by fporoli
Which fields do I need to fill in for an Oracle 9i connection to be able to make it work?
I tried almost all combination without success... I always get ORA-12560: TNS: Protocol Adapter error.

Any help is appreciated.

>> Solved...
>> Just found, sorry: The hostname need to be filled with the vald TNS name of your database. After that just username and password is clearly required.

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Fabio Poroli /
Re: Oracle 9i connection issues Posted in 24th, 10/2005 12:24 by support

Just to add a bit of information, as other people may have the same problems, to work with Oracle databases you need to set up the listener. This requires to install the client application for Oracle, which is usually in the Oracle installation CD. After that creating the the connection using the NET Assistent from Oracle makes it possible for any workstation to connect to the Oracle Dataserver/Listener.

In case you run into problems please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Support / DBTools Software
Oracle 9i connection issues (1371 previews)

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