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error 10061 Posted in 18th, 10/2005 01:38 by verycheeky
i have a windows xp pro machine with mysql installed in living room.
there i have mysql installed.
it has a static ip address of
apache is set at =
mysql when set at =localhost also tried =
i cannot use DBTOOLS to connect from my machine in other room.
unless i set mysql to bind to=

the reason i need it to bind to localhost is i use dreamweaver and settings are better for localhost so when i upload to commercial host provider i dont have to change to localhost before uploading!


Very /Matty
Re: error 10061 Posted in 22th, 10/2005 10:54 by support

In this case you must set mysql to bind to the Ip of the network as localhost (or will only accept local connections. On the other hand you may install mysql on your local computer and have the apache/mysql/dreamweaver in the same PC. This would not break things and the speed would be a lot fast as not network connection is required.

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Support / DBTools Software
error 10061 (1348 previews)

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