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Urgent help please!!!!! (1254 previews)
Urgent help please!!!!! Posted in 14th, 09/2005 06:36 by jax100

Somehow I have managed to rename a table using DBManager with a \ character in the title and now (no surprise) DBManager is unable to open any of the functions that call up the table list e.g. view tables/dump/export - it causes a program crash as follows:

DBMANAGERPRO caused an invalid page fault in
module DBMYSQL.DLL at 0167:02407301.
EAX=00bc0564 CS=0167 EIP=02407301 EFLGS=00010246
EBX=00000004 SS=016f ESP=00a6ef18 EBP=00000000
ECX=00000000 DS=016f ESI=000000d0 FS=4daf
EDX=0000000f ES=016f EDI=00a6efdc GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 55 04 8d 4c 30 2c 52 e8 f6 ac 01 00 8b 4c 24
Stack dump:
00bafc30 00a6efdc 00a6f014 00000000 00a8ddd8 00bafc30 00000004 00000010 5f4a39c0 00bc08b0 00000010 00000011 00000000 00a6ef78 02423ca0 00000001

I can query the db ok and can see the table lists however I am unable to use DROP TABLE or ALTER TABLE because of the \ character. I have tried \\ to escape this but does not work. My db is on a hosted server so I am unable to drop the db and start again.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions??????????????


Re: Urgent help please!!!!! Posted in 15th, 09/2005 09:32 by support

Open the console or the query editor and drop the table manually by executing the command:

DROP TABLE `tbl\\something`

You may also try the RENAME TABLE command.

Best Regards,

Support / DBTools Software
Re: Urgent help please!!!!! Posted in 15th, 09/2005 02:41 by jax100

Thanks for getting back to me - unfortunately that did not work - DROP TABLE 'xxx\\xxx'.
I can successfully drop other tables - any other ideas?

In case of interest I am running the 3.03a freeware version - is this something you have fixed in the later edition(s)/do I need the update?

One other thing is when I use the console and type .tables the program crashes but if I use 'show tables' it is OK - ???

Thanks again for replying,


Re: Urgent help please!!!!! Posted in 15th, 09/2005 03:38 by jax100
Hi again,

Have tried latest version - no difference...

When I try to drop the table it comes up with 'incorrect table name'

Re: Urgent help please!!!!! Posted in 15th, 09/2005 05:20 by support

You may need to try using the mysql console for this, although I'm not sure it work. There is a workaround to handle it but that would require manual operations on the server. You may ask the system admin to delete the files from disk. On the other hand if the table is of InnoDB type that should be a problem as the tablespace will still have the data for the table.
Could you do me a favor? I would like to see how the table is dumped. If possible please send us the dump.sql attached for this table only. The reason I'm asking this is that there is a possibility to the name have more than one strange character not visible. In this case I can run some tests to figure that out.

Best Regards,

Support / DBTools Software
Re: Urgent help please!!!!! Posted in 16th, 09/2005 08:41 by jax100

Thanks for keeping an eye on this problem - however in response to your request I am unable to 'dump' from the database as that causes a crash too!

I contacted my host who were very accomodating and they tried a number of consoles to delete it but pretty much had the same effect of locking/crashing the consoles.

Anyway, their techies are looking at it now to see if they can manually remove the files concerned (as you suggested) but as a last resort they are going to drop the db and start again.

Ah well - lesson learned by all!

RE: Urgent help please!!!!! Posted in 25th, 03/2015 04:41 by linmikey
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Urgent help please!!!!! (1254 previews)

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